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The Dragonborn
??? as The Dragonborn
Character Information
Birth name Prisoner (default name in game)
Nickname(s) Dovahkiin
First Appearance November 11, 2011
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Born Unknown
Physical description
Hair N/A
Eyes N/A
Based On
Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Link vs The Dragonborn
Vs Link
Release Date TBD
Votes on Website TBD
Location(s) TBD
I guess they has too since they couldn't get me!
— George Lucas

The Dragonborn battled both Link and Navi in Link vs The Dragonborn. He will played by ???.

Information On Rapper[]

A Dragonbornto Dovahkiin in the is a rare individual who has been born with the blood and soul of a dragon, but the body of a mortal, and can naturally learn and speak their ancient and powerful tongue.


Verse 1[]

Fus Ro Dah,
I'll shout my attack.
You cant even talk,
so how are you suppose to rap?
I'm geared up for battle,
always ready to fight.
You’re nothing,
but a kid in white tights.

I will hunt down your worthless horse Epona.
and use her hide for a new set of armor.

Verse 2:[]