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Hades battled Loki in Hades vs Loki. He is played by ???.

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who the rapper is based on

Hades is the main antagonist of the film and the TV series. He is also the brother of Zeus and Poseidon. Unlike the mythological Hades, who is for the most part a relatively passive deity doing a sometimes nasty job, this version is a fast-talking, ornery, evil deity, reminiscent of Satan, as well as sleazy dealers, notably persuasive Hollywood agent types and car dealers. In all of his appearances, Hades has been voiced by James Woods. The character's mannerisms and other tendencies were partly due to James Woods's using "car-dealer"-style speech while providing the voice of Hades. Hades is described as "mean" and "ruthless" by the Muses. His status as a god makes him immortal, but not invincible. His status as a god likely makes him one of the most powerful if not the most powerful Disney villain. He wears a dark robe with a skull shaped perone, a pin used to fasten a chiton around the body at the shoulder, and his hair is a glowing blue flame, which flares whenever he becomes enraged (if he's excited, it stays blue and if he's angry or frustrated, it turns yellow while his whole body turns red), and can also be extinguished (his hair was blown out at one point by Pegasus). James Woods has stated that Hades is one of his favorite roles in his career, and he will gladly reprise the role whenever asked.